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Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is an exciting first-person shooter (FPS) game that has become one of the most popular in eSports betting in Australia. Over the past few years, CS:GO has spawned many online tournaments, local leagues, international leagues and massive international tournaments. The game has become so popular that it can be classed as its own sub-genre of eSports. It is not surprising then that CS:GO betting is extremely popular with online sports betting sites.

If you want to get in on the action and place your CSGO bets, here is how the game works:

How Does A CSGO Match Operate?

Counterstrike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter game played in a 5×5 format. This means that it is played with two opposing teams of five players each. For each round, the teams are split into the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. While most first-person shooter games simply involve eliminating the competition, Counterstrike has specific objectives for each. It is important to note for CS:GO match betting that a round can be won either by a team completing their objective or by eliminating the opposing team which is a betting structure that Overwatch eSports has replicated. If the time runs out, the team closest to completing their objective wins the round.

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A competitive match is played over a set number of rounds with the first team to win 16 rounds being the winner. A single round runs for a maximum of two minutes and is played on a different map. The map determines the layout of the land, the buildings, structures and other objects to navigate and take positions behind. In each round, the Terrorists must secure an area, plant a bomb and kill the hostages. The Counter-Terrorists must prevent the opposing team for detonating the bomb and must rescue the hostages.

CSGO Betting Predictions

All top rated CS:GO betting sites offer a wide range of markets on each tournament or game. The game is so popular that there are always local and international leagues as well as international tournaments taking place throughout the year. Tournament or League betting may be the best way to start, with the placing on an outright bet. This is where you predict the outright winning team of the entire tournament or league. It is also possible to predict the top team in each tournament group as well as the two teams to compete in the final.

During any tournament or league, punters can place bets on every single match being played. CS:GO match betting is the most popular market in the sports since it simply involves predicting which team will win the particular match by being the first to win 16 rounds. These are also known as money line or straight bets with odds reflecting the strengths of the teams. If the two teams are not evenly matched, online eSports betting sites will offer handicap betting where one team will be given a virtual point advantage.

Advanced Betting Options

In addition to CSGO outright betting, Counterstrike does offer plenty of prop wagers for experienced punters. Depending on the bookmaker, you may also be able to find over/under bets as well as map-specific wagers where you are predicting the winner of one map in the game.

Another popular wager is first blood. This is where you must predict which team will be the first to score a kill in a match or round similar to Call of Duty Deathmatch bets. CS:GO betting predictions can also include a knife round which is similar to round betting but only during the specific knife map. Some sites also offer a top-fragger bet, which is where you predict which player in a team will have the best stats in a game.

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