League of Legends Betting

League of Legends (LoL) is the largest and most popular eSports game in the world. Created in 2009 from a custom map of Warcraft III, League of Legends has spawned dozens of local and international leagues as well as some of the biggest tournaments in the eSports industry. In the online sports betting industry, League of Legends betting offers the most markets and the most live action. All top-rated sites offer tournament and match betting as well as prop wagers on the game.

If you want to learn more about LoL and how to bet, here is what you need to know:

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is technically a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game but also includes aspects of Real Time Strategy (RTS) much like Starcarft 2 betting and Role-Playing Game (RPG) strategies. A competitive match is played between two teams of five players each. In this game, each player acts an unseen commander with a third-person perspective while controlling a “Champion”. With LoL betting, it is important to note that players can select one Champion from a selection of over 135.

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As with all leading MOBA games, each Champion has its own unique abilities, skills, strengths and weaknesses. This allows teams to create a diverse range of characters and tactics to counter whatever Champions the opposing team has chosen. The champions can be split into seven categories including Controller, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, Slayer, Tank and Specialist. In some games, teams can restrict certain characters for the opposition, as Dota 2 does in a draft, when it comes time to choose as well as chooses a hero as well as a specific hero power at the start of each round like in a game of Hearsthone betting matches.

How a Match Plays Out

With League of Legend matches or LoL LCS betting, it is important to not how a match is played out. While there are a number of different maps available for the game, for competitive eSports matches, the map used is called the Summoner’s Rift. At the start of the game, each team appears in the starting area on opposite sides of the map. This starting area is called the Spawning Pool. This is also where main structure called the “Nexus” is located. A team wins the round by destroying the opposing teams Nexus or killing all of their opponent’s champions.

The Nexus is protected by physical like turrets as well as minions and natural monsters. At the start of the round, each character has very few skills and strength. Players can enhance their abilities by collecting XP points and completing certain objectives. Teams that quickly gain XP points boost their skill level and gain an advantage over the competition.

LoL Betting Options

All top-rated League of Legends betting sites offer a wide range of markets on individual matches, leagues and tournaments. For anyone just starting out, match and tournament betting is the best way to begin. With tournaments and Leagues, it is possible to place an outright wager on the team you think will win the tournament or entire league at the end of the season. In larger tournaments it is also possible to place a wager on the top team in each group or the teams to make it to the finals.

In any tournament or during the league season, bets can be placed on any upcoming match. Match bets simply involve predicting which of the two teams will win the particular matchup. In some cases when teams are unevenly matched LoL betting includes handicap wagers where the underdogs are given a virtual point advantage. Under/over bets can also be placed on the total number of rounds won.

Most eSports betting sites also include a list of prop wagers that involve betting on statistics and action within the game. This can include the First Baron and the First Dragon. This is bet on which team will be the first to kill the Baron or the Dragon to earn XP points. The First Tower wager is also popular where you are betting on which team will be the first to destroy a tower in the game.

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