Heroes of the Storm Betting

In the world of eSports and competitive video gaming, Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is fast becoming of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games on the circuit. First launched in 2015 by Blizzard, the game is unique in that it is a “Hero Brawler” where the objective is simply to seek out and kill the opposing team.

As it is one of the only MOBA fighting games, it offers up plenty of action and online betting opportunities. Heroes of the Storm Betting is available at all leading eSports sites with both match and tournament markets.

About the Game

As mentioned above, Heroes of the Storm is not your typical MOBA game. With traditional games like League of Legends and Dota eSports betting, teams must defend structures and complete certain objectives to win a map. HotS is different in that the only objective is to destroy your opponents in an all-out battle for last team standing. The characters or heroes in the game may look familiar as they include some of the most popular characters from other eSports betting games like Warcraft, StartCraft II bets, Diablo and Overwatch.

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Heroes of the Storm betting sites offer plenty of markets for anyone interested in being part of the action. A competitive HotS match is played with two teams of five players each. As with other MOBA games, players pick one hero from a selection of around 75 characters. These can be broken down into three main categories including a Specialist, an Assassin and a Warrior. Each character type has his or her own unique abilities, defences and fighting skills.

How a Match Works

At the start of each new game, teams must carefully choose which characters they want to complete their team based on what their opponents choose. While there is no specific task or objective, teams can earn XP points by collecting certain objects. HotS is different in that when any one player reaches an XP threshold, the entire team levels up. This promotes teamwork instead one character dominating the game.

Basic HotS Betting Options

For HotS betting purposes it is important to note that the game has 14 unique maps on which a competitive match can be played. In most cases, a match consists of a best of 5 rounds similar to League of Legends betting. For anyone just starting out, tournament or league betting is perhaps a good place to begin. Tournament or outright bets can be placed weeks or months in advance and simply involve predicting which team will win the league or tournament outright. With international tournaments, it is also possible to place wagers on the group winner as well as the two teams to reach the final.

Throughout the year, HotS betting sites provide plenty of markets on each match in a tournament or league. The most popular betting market is the match bet or head to head bet. This is where you predict the winner of a particular matchup. If the teams are not evenly matched, bookmakers will provide handicap betting with one team given a virtual point advantage.

Advanced Bets for Heroes of the Storm

Within any given match, bets can also be placed on map rounds and statistics in the game. In a 5×5 match, predicting a single map winner is possible as well as the “first blood” which means picking the team to score the first kill. For bettors who are familiar with the dynamics of the team and the strategies used, Heroes of the Storm betting can also include predicting how a map will end, how many maps will be played and the performance of specific game characters.

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